Wildlife Photography
             in Bulgaria
Filip Mineur, Belgium ( http://www.filipmineur.be/ )
"Late spring of 2013, I had the opportunity to stay one week in Bulgaria with lomea-hidephotography and had a great time photographing several bird species from different hides.
The man behind lomea-hidephotography is Iliyan Valchanov who, being a gifted Bulgarian nature photographer himself, knows exactly for each target species, where and when to bring you to get the best results possible.
The bio-diversity and density of species is astonishing and staying one week in the Rusenski Lom Natural Park area, was simply not enough to take full advantage of all the photo opportunities that are possible.
So I have to and will return at least a couple of times more in the near future. Thank you Iliyan."
Otto Plantema, Netherlands - http://www.pbase.com/otto1/
   "Rusenski Lom and surroundings has a lot to offer for birders and birdphotographers, mostly unspoiled and quiet landscapes , for sure with the local knowledge of Iliyan. Opportunities for Rollers, Golden Orioles, Bee-eaters and Reed-birds like Great Reed Warbler from hides were great end of May 2013."
   We were partners with the famous Bulgarian photographer Emil Enchev in 2013. We were sharing places for took our shots and we used the same hides together.  I had the honor to met Stefan Hewiler from Switzerland - http://www.stefanhuwiler.ch , who was an Emils client at that time. Stefan is one of the winners of BBC Wildlife Photographer of 2012. Here is what he wrote to me when he left:
   "Lieber Iliyan,
Es hat mich gefreut Dich kennenzulernen zu durfen in deiner wunderbaren Heimat.
Vielen Dank fur die super Betreung vor Ort. Stefan aus der Schweiz"
   ” Dear Iliyan,
I am very glad to met you in your wonderful country. Thanks a lot for your extra carries and guiding to the place for shooting.
Stefan from Switzerland.”
Adit Merkine, Israel http://www.pbase.com/ADIT8/
"I spent about a week in the nice pastoral Rusenski Lom area, and enjoyed watching and photographing the birds, especially the Bee-eater, the Golden Oriole and the Common Starling. Iliyan Valchanov and his wife Nelli were very nice and helpful. Iliyan's capability of identifying good photography opportunity places, certainly made the difference!"
Gerda Klaver, Hans Jonker  - Netherlands
”Early june 2014 we had the privilage  to enjoy nature during a week at Rusenski Lom Natural Park. We were guided by Iliyan Valchanov(Lomea hidephotography). Despite the preceding bad weather which had spoiled some places  which were on our program, Iliyan knew how to make the most of it and managed to give us breathtaking sights of Golden Orioles, Rollers, Little Bittern, Black-headed Bunting, Souslik and more exciting birds. We also took great pleasure in visiting unspoiled parts of the landscape with beautiful flowers en lots of dazzling metallic damselflies. And last but not least, many thanks for the way Iliyan took care of us.”
Ingeborg Feeney,  Belgium,  August 2014 - https://naturfotografen-forum.de/o968033-Ingeborg%20Feeney
„With Iliyan Valchanov you will be watching and photographing birds in the wild, in anextremelybeautiful natural habitat. (They are not fed with tons of dead fish like in a zoo and as they are in some hide photography establishments!) The bio-diversity in RusenskiLom is incredible. Rusenski Lom is home to thousands of species of magnificant rare plants that attract insects, whoin their turn attract birds. The landscape is as unspoilt as in Western Europe maybe 200 years ago. The well-preserved old villages there are picturesque, and there is always an opportunity for a wonderful cup of coffee in romantic surroundings.Some hides are make-shift, so that they can be adjusted, depending on weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances, thus you can always feel in the middle of nature with its fauna and floraand a part of it. By the way:don't forget your Macro lens or you will regret it! You might get wet or stuck in the mud since nature is unpredictable, but the Bulgarians are charming andincredibly helpful and masters of improvisation and hospitality!Just be aware: if you nod it means“ no“, if you shake your head it means“ yes“! There is only one problem: you might not want to leave and a week is definitely not enough!”
Bert Broens, Netherlands - www.bertbroens.nl
„ In July 2014, I am been in favour of a great photo trip with Lomea Hide Photography  to Bulgaria. The guidance of Illyian Valchanov was wonderful, he brought us at the right time in the right place. He spent a lot of time and energy to guide us throughout the stay.
The transportation to and from the airport and the stay at the hotel was perfectly arranged. All in all, we have an excellent photo trip made and we have lots of great pictures made during the trip in an area with many species of birds and other animals. Rusenski Lom Natural Park that is located 20 km south of Ruse is an excellent location for nature photographers with many unspoilt nature.Very characteristic is that you may wander around anywhere and thereby can come in many beautiful photo locations.
Illyian again thanks and until 2015!”
Marianne Brouwer, Netherlands - http://www.mariannebrouwer.com/
„ Never been to Bulgaria before, I was very pleasant surprised about the journey in the beginning of July 2014. At the end of the birding season... but whát a great opportunities did we have! There was no day without special moments, and the harvest of pictures was great. Iliyan Valchanov knows his job: as photographer himself he knows exact what backgrounds and light circumstances gives the best opportunities for outstanding pictures. Luck and nature have to do the rest.... and the photographer ofcourse! I really enjoyed the trip, and hope to be able to come back next year.”
Allen Gillespie - United Kingdom, August 2015
"We enjoyed two separate and excellent weeks photography in the beautiful Rusenski Lom, thanks to the expert and dedicated support of our guide Iliyan. Iliyan worked tirelessly to identify a wide range of photographic opportunities to suit the time of year and weather conditions and ensure we had a very successful trip. Both weeks presented quite different opportunities and we hope to visit again soon. Thank you."
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