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  Wildlife photography in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small European country with diverse topography whåre one can find hilly plains, canyon-like river valleys, piedmont, mountain terrain, Black sea coast and 470 km coastline of the Danube. This exceptional biodiversity places Bulgaria among the top in Europe. The country is home to more than 3,700 species and 800 subspecies of plants, 416 species of birds including 267 nests, 110 mammals, 37 reptiles, 19 amphibians. Invertebrates are numerous, among them more than 200 species of butterflies and 68 species of dragonflies. The biodiversity is stored in a large number of reserves, parks and other protected areas falling within the Natura 2000 network, which covers more than 35% of the area of the country. This makes Bulgaria an attractive place for nature and wildlife photography, where flora and fauna can be photographed in their natural environment.

Bulgaria is a great place for nature photography, wildlife photography, bird photography, Hide photography, wildlife photo tours and much more.

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